2014 Baron SONNEGG


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Garnacha tinta, Syrah

14 % alc., 5.4 g/l Total Acidity, 0.2 g/l Residual Sugar


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Garnacha tinta, planted 1987
Cabernet franc, planted 2001
Wine Harvest: September 2014


3 Years 20 % new, 80 % once to twice used French Oak Barrels
Filling date: 07.08.2018
Bottles produced: 1200 (Limited)

This Reserva is produced in very small quantities. Only 1200 bottles.

Organic Wine. Control organisation: SHC

Vintage 2013: Sold Out
Vintage 2014:Order Now


A wine of a deep ruby colour. At first, scents of Blackberries, Black currant and Mulberries start to flow from the glass. Also noticeable are Violets, Mint and some wild herbs. These aromas continue on the Palate, while wild berries attached to earthy forest flavours and wild herbs develop on the Tongue. All this is embedded into a pleasant fullness and warmth. A fine and supportive tannin structure makes this wine very attractive and exciting while it passes into a fine elegance during drinking. A long, very pleasant finish.

Aging: Good development for 5 to 8 years is expected.

Food Pairing: Recommended with good food, for example Vegetable pie, Game stew, Côte du Bœuf (Rib Steak, Tomahawk) or assorted Cheese. Asian Food: Wagyu beef, Beef stir-fry, Chinese stir-fry pork.

Serve at 14 Degrees Celsius and enjoy the unfolding of the aromas in minutes. Decanting the bottle is optional.

Two glasses of red wine

Modern wine growing with more than 500 years of family tradition.

A Baron Sonnegg red wine. 550 years of making wine the way we want it: juicy, fine and delicate, with a long-lasting drinking pleasure.

Baron von Sonnegg

The Family

The Family of Barons and Counts of Weissenwolff and Sonnegg can be traced back in the male line to 995 AD. Originally from Franconia (now part of Bavaria, Germany), they settled down in Carinthia (Austria) at the end of 12th Century where they soon began with advanced metal mining operations and with wine production.

Today, the family still goes by the name of Barons of Sonnegg, after the Sonnegg Barony and Hereditary Imperial Baron title (RFhr.), bestowed on them in 1442.

Switzerland in 1370, City of Zug

Two young family members, Ottho and Georg remained in the City of Zug in 1370. Their final resting place is by the Knight Kolin in the Parish Church of Zug (Vngnadische Khronika, Leipzig 1602, S. 26). Knight Kolin is a historical figure who established City Rights of the Kolin City, today known as the City of Zug in Switzerland. It is the Location of our Family Office.


The male line surviving to this day is the Carinthian Line of Georgius zu Guttenstein, the younger son of the Diplomat David I., last owner of Borough Guttenstein (and Barony Bleiburg) in Carinthia.

The descendants of Georgius live today in Switzerland, England, Spain and Carinthia and are successful in different occupations. Together, the family runs a passionate wine production.

Wine Production

Sonnegg Barony in Austria had about 215 vineyards, sized about 17 hectares in total. In addition, there were vineyards at Wolfsberg, Free Houses in cities (permitting wine sale), and a Bar licence at the popular pilgrimage Church of Feldkirchen, with another vineyard in the neighbourhood. These grapes were all local, late vintage sorts.

The processing took place in the cellar of the Sonnegg Castle in bulky terracotta amphorae.

In 1470, a unique Baron Sonnegg wine emerged, when 7.000 sq. meter of Spanish grapevines were planted on the south slope of Sonnegg Castle.

The Spanish grapevines were brought by Christoph Ungnad von Weissenwolff und Sonnegg in 1452 from Spain, after he convinced the Princess of Aragon to marry the Austrian Emperor Friederich III. Christoph ferried the Princess to her Marriage and Crowning to Rome (Italy) with a flotilla of 20 ships. He then brought the Spanish grapevines home to Sonnegg.

All winemaking in the Land of Carinthia ceased to exist at the turn into the 20th Century. Today we follow the old traditions of Spanish wines and produce them again in Spain.

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